Friday, March 27

Raquel Nave

In town from Paris to watch her daddy fight.. we had a chance to hang out. YAY! It had been too long.. I miss that girl! Jasmine, Raquel and I got a room and some budwiser and hung out. Of course for us that means we took some bad ass pictures. This is just a sneak peak form the shoot. I have a lot more work to do and will share once the story is complete. There will also be a little sexy video to go along with.

Wednesday, March 18

Paul Nave's Return to Battle

After a ten year break, Paul Nave returned to the ring to beat down younger leaner opponent Mikhail Lyubarsky... and I got free rain to photograph it all! I am actually a BIG fight fan. I am way into MMA, and watch as many UFC title fights as I can, especially when it's GSP in the octagon.. oooh his muscles : ) ANYWAYS.. this was the first live fight I have ever been to, and I loved it.

I have a ton more pics, and larger versions of them in my FB album. I also shot lots of video footage and am currently working on making a cute little boxing vid for you tube. I'm trying to decide on the music right now.. so check back to see that!

Friday, March 13

The New and Improved Tribe Rock shoot

Here they are! I gave you all a sneak peek a while back, of these shots before I whipped them up in PS. So, duh.. i wanted to share all the finals. They definitely benefit from a little kiss from my wacom tablet. Check em out! Plus I just added them to my official portfolio site as well. Can't wait to shoot more! Thanks again to Jasmine and Ineke! Great job styling!

Altpick Awards

So, this was kind of cool. I entered my website in the annual altpick awards competition and won! What's even cooler, is I won both by the official judges vote and by popular vote.. AND both in second place, so I guess you can't really argue with that then can you. Thanks again to Daniel for making me the awesome-est site ever. You rule!

Friday, March 6

On the Shoot with Eva Kolenko & Friends

Just a little movie I made from the footage my assistant Amber shot at the Third Eye Blind Shoot. Sorry the res is so low.. I will be posting it on You Tube soon, and that should be higher quality, so check back!

Play vs Work??

Shooting is almost always.. fun, but there are those jobs that really don't seem like work at all. Here is some of the silly-ness that happened on the Third Eye Blind shoot. You can just see the sweat dripping off our brows...
Thanks to everyone who helped! And for the locations we were able to use! All the effort payed off big time! Next, I am off to South By Southwest to shoot more. Yippi!