Wednesday, October 14


Snapped these in studio during a Random House shoot for the cover of a book called Fallen, Another angst-ey teenage vampire saga.. (sooo all the rage) We some extra time and extra talent (Renee Real on hair and make-up and Claire Mack on wardrobe) on set to shoot some outtakes for our portfolios.

Some Sporty fashion Pics

Some fun snaps of my shoot with the beautiful Paloma and super bendy Amanda Adams!! Raquel Breen on hair and make-up and Yael Gitai was the wardrobe stylist. Check out the Video!! Peace Love and Disco Beats

A Day at the Museum

Rolled out of bed on a new fresh fall Saturday morning and into the De young Museum to check out King Tut, and soak in some history and art, followed my more indulgence in art... in the form of Pie created earlier that very morning by Pastry Chef Alan Carter! hmmmm.. I wonder if there is any relation between Howard Carter the archaeologist that discovered Tut's Tomb, and Alan. That would add an interesting twist to the day.

Saturday, October 10

Editorial Portraits

Here are a collection of portraits I have been shooting over the last couple months for entrepreneur magazine. From left to right, Peter Katz (first franchisee of the Counter), Matt Flannery & Premal Shah (founders of, Lain Hensley & Bill John (founders of Odyssey Teams), and MikeFrampton (Franchise Owner of the Melting Pot).

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Coracao Confections

A while back I did an editorial shoot with Matthew and Daniel, Founders of an awesome chocolate company called Coracao Confections. With a philosophy that focuses on the nutrient, mineral and antioxidant rich qualites of chocolate and a delicious product that can can back up every single claim they make, that healthy chocolate can be as good for your mouth as is is for your body.. well, it is hard to resist. OK, normal chocolate is hard to resist.. this stuff.. is impossible.

Oh, and of course.. all their ingredients are all organic grown by small sustainable farms around the globe.. and sold at your local whole foods market.

Tuesday, October 6

My New Toy

Just a bit ago I got me my first REAL bike.. not that my little 250 cc dude isn't a motorcycle.. it just.. mmmm.. well it lacks a little in power and it can't handle the dirt, which i have discovered is where i wanna be, i consider myself graduated from my practice beater. Sooooo.. check her out.

Been taking a ton of weekend trips.. which is getting me out taking some more travel road trip pics which I will be posting shortly. I just got a mount for my camera and will be starting to shoot video from the road as well. SWEETNESS Oh, and if you need to know, the bike is a BMW F650 GS.. the new twin, and i just discovered 6th gear. Who knew!?

The Yosemite Landscape

This was my favorite shots from the trip. It's 3 images stitched together at the top of our climb to the lake with no name. It just so happens I got to use it as the background for an editorial piece for fast company magazine.