Wednesday, September 24

Showing some Love for Sea Life

I finished this image about a month ago, and I think it is out in the world by now, although I haven't see them yet. They are posted on the Golden gate Ferries and such, makes sense right? I have herd rumors that they might move inland to bush shelters or other public transportation access points. It was a pro-bono project for the Marine Mammal center. We got to shoot in the oldest butcher shop in SF, which was kind of cool. They had a huge meat locker in the back where i think they still hang whole animals to drain their blood. Yum. : ) Didn't have a chance to shoot back there though, we only had a small window of time to get this done. Anyhow, it was great working with Bulter, Shine & Stern and Partners and Jay Lorenzini who was the AD for the project. There are still a couple more shots to do for the series, and I am really looking forward to it!

Monday, September 22

Every good photographer...

does a little crack, every so often. (Nice shot Amber) Went out shooting this weekend.. got some freakin' awesome shots.. i'll share when they are more done. Right now I am just trying to edit it down to the hero 6 shots.. tuff.

Btw, this isn't one of them.

Sunday, September 21

Dust and Shit

On location, and breaking in my boots (more).

This last Saturday we went out and shoot for Random house again, for a book called "Wild Girl." It really was anything but WILD. The location, the Menlo Circus Club was this super polished, and our star horse Tully, was like the most gigantic cute obedient puppy ever. I am going back to shoot him and his owner Keara on another day. They are like brother and sister.. despite the obvious major differences, they are both from Ireland and heavily freckled.

I got a great out-take in the stables, a quiet moment that I am going to work on for my book.

Friday, September 19

Random House Shoots.. starting to be Fairly Regular

Seems like I get a call from these folks every week! Love it! Keep it coming. The work is usually really playfully and although the budgets are not of advertising scale we can usually find a way to get a lot done for very little. In this case I was able to use a background shot from my library, a sunset pic from a Mexico trip. Or course I prefer my un-cropped version, the cover still came out great.


I shot for both these ads a while back. I have been meaning to post them for quite some time. Super fun projects for BBDO NY. I got to travel for both, but for the Indiana Jones one we got to go all the way to capetown.. where everyone looks like a freakin' model. Beautiful people!

So, we didn't have a lot of time, but we managed to get out a bit. Our decision to forgo sleep in our to get the most out of the distance traveled. Here are some random pics.

Our first hotel, with views of Table Mountain,
Our production vehicle, our stop at the very bottom (the cape) and the resident wildlife, the set in progress, and the wind and waves.