Friday, December 12

Deep in the Desert

Scouting for locations out in the desert, my husband and I found this awesome state park.. miles and miles and miles of dirt roads out in the middle of no where, we must have drove 30 miles out at least and didn't see a single soul. Sooo so beautiful. We weren't planning on going out so far, but found that we couldn't help it. We where so unprepared, no water, no food, so thank goodness the flat tire we got happened the day after, on an actual paved road, somewhat close to civilization, instead of out here!! Lucky lucky.

Yaqui Brothers

Edwardo Madril and his brother Marcos, of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe.

Monday, December 8

Tribal Rock

It was a little cold, and a little windy, but what fun.. to be out in a beautiful and unexpected place. Got to love the nature. Working with the best-est crew again, Jasmine on wardrobe and Ineke on the hair and make-up.

I have had this shoot in my head for a long while, ever since I found this location while scouting for another shoot. It's sooo fantastic and every time I have been out there it is fearcly windy.. perfect for catching all those long scarves.

Dia Day Los Muertos

A lovely new image, shot with miss Jazzy (wardrobe stylist Jasmine) and make-up artist Ineke Brugman.

Wallett Cosmetics

OOOhhhh all the pretty colors! I had a great shoot with Victoria Luburich, president of Wallett cosmetics in October. We played around all day and got some great shots of her new and improved "green" line of ultra fab lip products. Best part.. I got to take home every single color!! I love love love them. She produces such high quality products, the lipsticks feel sooo nourishing on top of being simply beautiful.

Flamenco Sunday

Shot a new round of flamenco dancers recently, one of which is my beautiful and talented sister in-law Sara. We have shot together several times over the years, this is by far my favorite.