Thursday, April 9


This is a little collaboration video I edited together. It's a glance behind the scenes at one of my most recent fashion shoots with model Raquel Nave, and stylist Jasmine Hamed. Jasmine shot most of the footage, I shot the boxing footage.. Raquel rocked the vibe, sultry, sexy, anxious.. bad ass chica. You can maybe tell.. we like to have fun. Check out the video on youtube..

So, I am all of a suddenly surprisingly irresistibly love with film editing. I had no idea I has any interest until I did it.. and I am planning on making it my second career. So all of you.. are witness to the beginning. If you care to follow, subscribe to my youtube channel and stay tuned..
there is much more to come.

Wednesday, April 8

Campaign For Novartis

A couple months ago, I hoped on a plane and headed to LA for a 2 day shoot for Novartis. Yay dogie pharmaceuticals! Well, the first couple ads just came out so now I can share. I worked with Lynn Campbell, a bomb ass chick producer, whom totaly rocked my shoot, and the lovely Nina Orezzoli Art Director from Colle + McVoy. Nina was really fantastic to work with, knowing exactly what she was looking for from the shoot and super collaberative as well, not to mention fun to hang with! Woo HOO! We had a good wrap night! Thanks for the good times : ) Had really, the most amazing crew, so it was all fun and games.. we just happen to get a lot of work done! You can see some behind the scenes shots and my amazing crew HERE in a previous post. Most images from the shoot will be reviled as the are released, so check back!

"Black Ice" The New Extended Edition

Just added more images to this series over the past weekend.. check it out!

Wardrobe Styling: Jasmine Hamed
Hair & Makeup: Ineke Brugman
Model: Stacy Shannon
Assistant: Amber Mckee

Tuesday, April 7


My dear dear model friend Raquel was in town the other week, to watch her dad's come back boxing match.. and seeing as though it was an opportunity to take some awesomely kickin' shots we rented and hotel room and got to work, well.. not really. Unless you consider drinking and stimulating conversation work. Ha Ha! Jasmine came a long for some wardrobe styling and shot some great video clips which i then turned into a fun little video. You can see the full portfolio on my new fashion website site called my b sides. See portfolio "Raquel" under photography. It's a little slow to load, SORRY..

Wardrobe Styling: Jasmine Hamed
Hair & Makeup: Raquel Nave
Model: Raquel Nave

Brand Spankin' NEW Fashion Portfolio!!

I call em, my b sides, cause they are all extended versions of shoots that can't all fit into my main portfolio, or extra gems that aren't in my book at all... so i hope you all enjoy, cause I am really letting my hair down here and shaking it loose!

Sunday, April 5

Eva Goes SXSW

Recently just took a little trip to South by South West, shooting some more pics for Third Eye Blind.. and I also got to spend a lot of good quality time with my good friend Lila, but regrettably missed a lot of good music while i was working... damn it! Anyhow, here are some random images from the 2 days in Austin.