Thursday, March 25

Fun in Sunny Paso Robles

You gotta have a little fun on the job right? Amber and I had plenty on my most recent Ad shoot for Seguin Moreau.. we actually started referring to the job as a photo shoot vacation. In part cause the freaking weather was amazing and the other reason.. the job was just FUN! More behind the scenes pics coming soon. 

Thursday, March 18

Cattle Rancher

A new favorite portrait of mine.. that is going straight in my portfolio and directly featured promo mailer. I just love it. That dog was a work horse and slept on the quad all bundled into a ball on the back after hours of herding. What brilliant instinct animals have.

Friday, March 12

Seguin Moreau Ad Shoot.. ready set.. YUM

Getting set for my shoot in Paso Robles for Seguin Moreau, producers of high end 100% French Haute Futaie Oak barrels. I will be photographing portraits of two prestigious wine makers that use these specialty barrels.. and hoping to get a taste of their wines while I am at it! Although i am no wine snob and I don't claim to be any kind of expert, I REALLY LOVE wine. A couple years ago I make my own, starting with picking the grapes, to sorting, crushing and pressing.. and now waiting and waiting while it ages. The hardest part is the wait!

Pics from my shoot coming up soon... Sunday I scout/wine taste and Monday is the shoot. 7am call time. Yay for the time change! I get to sleep in an hour more and still get the sunrise!