Thursday, May 20

Final Ads for Seguin Moreau: First 2 of 6

When your client makes some of the best wine barrels in the world, and your assignment is to head out to the wine country and take portraits of premiere artisan wine makers,  you can be guaranteed a couple of things. #1 You will learn nuances of wine making that would have never occurred to you. For example, growing vines on a carved hill side gives you ultimate control over the minerals and content of the soil, (because of continuous depletion of minerals due to erosion and rain water run off) the winemaker can decide the exact composition of the soil, yielding wine that is truly crafted specifically, without the influences the soil on the valley floor is subjected to. #2 You will be invited to taste taste taste! #3 You will day dream about a major change in career path.

So far I have shot 4 wine makers. Two in Paso Robles and two in Sonoma. The first was Stephan Asseo, owner and winemaker at L’Adventure Winery. Despite the fact that he has been making meticulously handcrafted wine since I was born, Stephan was incredibly warm and generous, a joy to meet and eggier to offer his knowledge even to a novice and uneducated wine enthusiast like me. Oh, and did I mention how photogenic he is..or that he makes some of the best Rose I have ever had? haha! Making my job easy!

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