Tuesday, April 8

A Little Furniture Shoot In The BIG State Of Texas

Ahhhh... my first trip to Dallas, Texas and I must say that the landscape was impressive. Wished I had more time to just meander around with my camera, but the trip was strictly business. Good fun business! Working with the crew and the very talented John Robinson (dream set designer and prop stylist) was a total blast, and super productive. The shoot was right on site at the American Leather factory and showroom, conveniently, since the custom built pieces on our shot list where coming off the production line only hours prior to the shoot. I got quite the tour. The most mind boggling portion was the floor to ceiling spans of cow hide racks that cover the entire width of the factory. I can't even begin to estimate how many animal skins the whole thing amounted to. Oh! And the smell... Wow! New car times.. 100?! This is a cool time laps video that my bud Sean Franzen made on set. That's me in the green with with brown bob.

Here is one of the final rooms...

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