Monday, April 7

The BEST things in life are... Grilled!!

My newest prized possession! Summer is here, and that means some of the best, most freshest produce is everywhere... what better way to cook than on a open flame, while sipping a citrus-y beverage.

We picked up this little guy on a whim, while shopping at OSH for some hedge trimmers. After a three hour build (my hubby is such a good sport! Good job baby!) our modest backyard became a fully legit patio hang out.
To test it out we grilled up some marinated veggies, salmon and a veggie burger while enjoying the last bit of sunlight and cocktails with fresh myers lemons from out own tree. I had fun for a sec playing food photographer... Now All I need to figure out is what to grill for dinner tonight!

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john sharpe said...

Yummy! When's supper?!