Sunday, September 21

Dust and Shit

On location, and breaking in my boots (more).

This last Saturday we went out and shoot for Random house again, for a book called "Wild Girl." It really was anything but WILD. The location, the Menlo Circus Club was this super polished, and our star horse Tully, was like the most gigantic cute obedient puppy ever. I am going back to shoot him and his owner Keara on another day. They are like brother and sister.. despite the obvious major differences, they are both from Ireland and heavily freckled.

I got a great out-take in the stables, a quiet moment that I am going to work on for my book.

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Julie Grantz said...

When I was in Kentucky I was thinking about you doing this shoot. Look like it came out really well! I'd love to see some of the images from the rest of the shoot.