Wednesday, February 4

Kids, Dogs and Koreans

I just got back from a week in LA shooting for Novartis. It was quite an experience shooting small children and dogs all in the same shot. Challenging yes, but a blast, most definitely! It's pretty funny though to realize that a dog can be more easily trained and more obedient than a five year old. HA! Again, I was super lucky and got connected with the best crew EVER. Makes me want to shoot in LA more.

By some strange coincidence my entire photo/digi crew were all Korean.. so that made for some fun running jokes for the week. Lynn Campbell headed up the production and made everything seamless, Jasmine Hamed came out from SF to help out with the styling, and Erik Hillard of Running With Pixels supplied me with an awesome digi tech named John Shin. to see more behind the scenes junk check out my facebook album.

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