Wednesday, February 4

Moving Planets With Third Eye Blind

In support of Third Eye Blind's newest album titled " Ursa Major" I spent last weekend photographing like crazy.. some 14 or so different set ups in 2 days. FEW! None of which would have been possible if it wasn't for the awesome crew I was blessed to have, totally busting their asses, including but not limited to moving planets! SO THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!! My stylist buddy Claire Mack was way into getting a little nutty with the concepts.. pulling everything from antique ventriloquist dolls to bear suits, and it all really paid off. Of course the band was a blast to work with, and Stephan Jenkins had no problem performing a bunch of wacky characters for my camera. I'll feed more of those images into the blog as I work on them, and you'll be able to understand what I mean a little better. To see more behind the scene shots of our Third Eye Blind shoot check out my facebook album!

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NMD said...

These shots look very crazy - I can't wait to see the final work