Tuesday, April 7


My dear dear model friend Raquel was in town the other week, to watch her dad's come back boxing match.. and seeing as though it was an opportunity to take some awesomely kickin' shots we rented and hotel room and got to work, well.. not really. Unless you consider drinking and stimulating conversation work. Ha Ha! Jasmine came a long for some wardrobe styling and shot some great video clips which i then turned into a fun little video. You can see the full portfolio on my new fashion website site called my b sides. See portfolio "Raquel" under photography. It's a little slow to load, SORRY..

Wardrobe Styling: Jasmine Hamed
Hair & Makeup: Raquel Nave
Model: Raquel Nave

1 comment:

Lillon Bandalin said...

that knock out punch photo is CRAZY. looks like you sassy ladies had some fun. so good.