Wednesday, April 8

Campaign For Novartis

A couple months ago, I hoped on a plane and headed to LA for a 2 day shoot for Novartis. Yay dogie pharmaceuticals! Well, the first couple ads just came out so now I can share. I worked with Lynn Campbell, a bomb ass chick producer, whom totaly rocked my shoot, and the lovely Nina Orezzoli Art Director from Colle + McVoy. Nina was really fantastic to work with, knowing exactly what she was looking for from the shoot and super collaberative as well, not to mention fun to hang with! Woo HOO! We had a good wrap night! Thanks for the good times : ) Had really, the most amazing crew, so it was all fun and games.. we just happen to get a lot of work done! You can see some behind the scenes shots and my amazing crew HERE in a previous post. Most images from the shoot will be reviled as the are released, so check back!

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